San Fermín in Pamplona: balconies and bullfight tickets
Pamplona closing ceremony party

¡El Pobre de Mí! Emotional closing ceremony of San Fermín 2019

The Pobre de Mí, namely the “Poor Me”, is the emotional, and yet very ironic, closing ceremony of the festivities of San Fermín in Pamplona. At midnight of July the 14th, 2019 people gather in the City Hall square (plaza Consistorial, or Ayuntamiento), everyone holding a candle in his/her hand. And they start to chant “poor me, the festivities are ending!” The atmosphere quickly resemble that of a big funeral, except that the music… changes from slow and sad to fast and full of energy every 30 seconds! We mourn the end of this Fiesta but then we get excited about the next one coming in a year time… because it’s true: “ya falta menos”, we are already 10 days closer to the next San Fermín! Also this event is definitely better seen from a balcony.

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The Pobre de Mí, Pamplona
Pamplona closing ceremony
Pamplona closing ceremony in main square
The Pobre de Mí, Pamplona